Dental Crowns in Jasper, TX

Strengthening A Decayed Tooth

Cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth can be “capped” with a dental crown. A dental crown will restore your natural, functional, healthy-looking smile. A crown can make your tooth stronger and improve its overall appearance.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are use to restore cracked, broken, or worn teeth. Dr. Koch, of Advanced Dental Care of Jasper, Texas, may recommend the “capping” of your damage tooth with dental crowns, which will cover your tooth completely. The crown fits securely over the entire tooth to the gum-line and protects the remainder of your natural tooth.

Dental crown manufacturing usually requires two office visits, but Dr. Koch has brought the new technology of CERECto Jasper to prepare on-site dental crowns for his patients. CEREC technology allows for the quick production of a more precise fitted crown while you wait.

What Conditions Require a Dental Crown?

If you have any of the following dental problems, Dr. Koch may recommend dental crowns.

  • Your natural tooth has an insufficient amount of tooth remaining to support a large filling repair.
  • Your natural tooth needs a dental bridge to strengthen a weaken tooth from breakage, or to repair a tooth already broken.
  • Your natural tooth is discolored or misshaped.
  • Your natural tooth requires a dental implant, whereas the dental crown will fit over it for protection.
  • Your natural tooth needs preventative treatment from further cracking or breaking after a root canal.

When Advanced Dental Care recommends dental crowns, its first concern is to help you keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. The second concern is the convenience of the dental crown process: CEREC.

What Initial Consideration is there for making a Dental Crown?

Your personal preference and situation dictates what type of dental crown you might want. For instance, you can choose from several durable materials, such as gold, ceramic, and porcelain, for the composition of your crown. Most times, patients select porcelain crowns to match the natural color of their surrounding teeth because the porcelain composite makes matching easier, creating a natural look. The dental crown process takes two steps: preparation and application. Advanced Dental Care can perform the two steps required for your dental crown treatment in one office visit.

Two Steps for a Dental Crown Procedure

First, Dr. Koch or his hygienists numbs your mouth and readies your tooth for the crown by removing the outer portion of your tooth. Once the inner area of the tooth is exposed, Dr. Koch carefully examines and expertly removes the decay from the tooth. Then, he sculptures a shape and size area in your tooth to accommodate your dental crown. The next step is for Dr. Koch or his hygienists to take an optical impression of your teeth. If you have had previous dental crowns, this step may differ in that no longer does Dr. Koch or his hygienists have to stuff your mouth with a glob of plaster or wax for the impression. Using the CEREC process, Dr. Koch simply brushes the prepared tooth with a harmless, tasteless powder; then, with a specially designed camera, he makes a digital picture of your tooth which only takes a couple of minutes. During the time needed for the CEREC machine to manufacture your dental crown – around thirty minutes – you can use the time as you like.

Traditionally, the dental crown process required one to two weeks for manufacturing of the dental crown, along with the hassle of Dr. Koch preparing and you wearing a temporary, acrylic resin crown during the production process. Now, Advanced Dental Care’s new CEREC technology eliminates this tedious portion of the dental crown procedure.

Once the manufacturing of the CEREC dental crown is complete, Dr. Koch fits and adjusts it onto the prepared tooth and then checks for appearance, color match, bite discrepancies, and fit. If needed, Dr. Koch makes any necessary adjustments prior to cementing the crown to your tooth.

Because Advanced Dental Care uses CEREC technology, you can visit and leave our office with a restored smile in no time.

Does a Dental Crown require Special Maintenance?

Your daily dental care regime is your first step to maintain your dental crown, but additionally, you will want to brush and floss it at the gum line to maintain minimal bacterial growth that can cause gum disease. You will also want to continue to schedule your regular dental examinations with Advanced Dental Care to receive your dental cleaning. During the dental exam, we can check your crown for signs of abnormalities.