OralDNA® for Disease Detection in Beaumont, TX

The condition of your mouth plays an active role in your whole body health. Patients who fail to brush, floss, and see their dentist regularly increase their chances for:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Preterm labor
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • And other health problems

Gum disease and Oral HPV are common oral diseases that threaten your overall health. HPV affects over 20 million people, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Oral HPV is one form of HPV that steadily increases a person’s possibility to develop oral cancer.

Many patients are completely unaware that they are suffering from periodontal disease or oral HPV. Dr. Koch is dedicated to diagnosing individuals early in order to provide effective, comfortable, and affordable care.

Safeguard Your Future

Dr. Koch can test you for gum disease and other oral diseases with easy OralDNA testing. Whichever type of assessment you take advantage of, the process is pain-free and non-invasive. You and your dentist will get the information you need to ensure you have a healthy future ahead of you.

HPV Testing | Oral HPV does not manifest in obvious clinical symptoms. It is critical to detect HPV before it worsens and then threatens you with oral cancer. The HPV testing process simply requires swishing a saline solution for 30 seconds, then expectorating into a collection tube.
MyPerio Path | The MyPerio Path screening tool tells Dr. Koch if you have bacteria in your mouth, as well as the specific types of bacteria that are affecting you. It will help our team customize your treatment plan to make it most effective.
MyPerioID | This OralDNA test will determine whether you have a genetic proneness for gum disease. If you are predisposed, we will adapt your hygiene routine and educate you regarding preserving your teeth and jawbone.

Gather Important Information on Your Health Today

Want to know more about the future of your smile? Dr. Koch is pleased to offer comfortable OralDNA testing to his patients who want to preserve their health. To schedule your consultation, contact us at Advanced Dental Care of East Texas today!