Gum Reshaping in Beaumont, TX

One of the Elements of a Beautiful Smile is a Harmonious Gum Line

This procedure is known by many different names, including gum reshaping, gum surgery, laser gum reshaping, gum contouring, and crown lengthening.

What is Gum Reshaping (Contouring)?

Gum reshaping or gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that betters the overall look of a person’s teeth. If Dr. Koch, of Advanced Dental Care of Jasper, Texas, considers your smile a “gummy” smile, then he may recommend gum reshaping. What is a gummy smile? A gummy smile is when your gums cover too much of your teeth, making your teeth appear oddly short. Most often, the front teeth are the most noticeably affected; therefore, if your smile is a gummy smile, you may limit how often you smile because you are self-conscious about the way your teeth look. If Dr. Koch does recommend gum reshaping to correct your “gummy” smile, fear not, for it is a quick and painless cosmetic dental treatment. Advanced Dental Care can create a confident smile especially for you by gum reshaping.

How is Gum Reshaping (Contouring) Achieved?

During a more primitive dental period, prior gum reshaping required excessive gum tissue to be removed by a scalpel, but today, modern dental technology has advanced to the use of a laser. By using a laser, Dr. Koch offers a less painful way to correct a “gummy” smile. The laser procedure is quick and most times painless, and by using a laser, Dr. Koch is able to seal the cut blood vessels reducing the amount of blood released during the procedure. Sealing the blood vessels also quickens your healing process.

Is Gum Reshaping (Contouring) a Complex Procedure?

Advanced Dental Care strives to make all of your dental experiences as comfortable and painless as possible. We know nervousness and apprehension go hand-in-hand with dental work. However, by offering oral sedation as part of your dental treatment, we curtail most, if not all, of your inhibitions. Do not let your fear keep you from achieving a perfect smile. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during any dental treatment.

In addition to oral sedation, Dr. Koch will administer a local anesthetic to the “gummy” smile area prior to beginning the procedure. Once the area is numb, he artistically guides the laser over the excessive gum, trimming and shaping your gum to reveal the perfect smile you were meant to have.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Gum Reshaping (Contouring)?

Dr. Koch recommends gum reshaping to eliminate your “gummy” smile. A dental procedure that can improve your smile and increase your self-confidence, gum reshaping, as with procedures that involve cutting into tissue and bone, affords both benefits and certain risks.


  • Your healing time is quicker and simpler by the use of a laser.
  • Your pain experienced during the procedure is minimal because the blocking anesthetic numbs the area.


  • Your treatment for gummy smile requires more than just the removal of gum tissue; therefore, the removal of a portion of your bone may be necessary to improve the look of your teeth.
  • Your healing process may take longer if an extensive amount of gum was removed, which sometimes leads to swelling, which sometimes leads to additional treatment.

How do I Know Gum Reshaping (Contouring) is Right for Me?

Smile. Closely examine your teeth. Two conditions warrant gum reshaping: an uneven gum line or a gum line that extends to hide a significant portion of your teeth. After your observation of your smile, if you see either of these two conditions, then yes, gum reshaping is right for you. Dr. Koch will reshape your gum line to seemingly lengthen your teeth. He will reduce the amount of gum exposed when you smile, and he will produce a more even gum line. The result? A smile designed especially for you.

When a “gummy” smile keeps you from smiling, ask us at Advanced Dental Care about gum reshaping. We will help you determine if gum reshaping is the right choice for you. Your smile is just as important to us as it is to you.