Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Jasper, TX

Extracted Before Impacted

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars. They usually come in when a person is in their late teens to early twenties. Sometimes these teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth when healthy and properly aligned. Most times, however, they are misaligned and require removal (extraction).

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Your adult mouth has three sets of molars. Your first set of molars break through your gum tissue when you are about six years old. Your second set of molars come in around age twelve, and your last set of molars, your wisdom teeth, erupt during your late teen years or early twenties.

Have Your Wisdom Teeth have Erupted?

Advanced Dental Care in Jasper, Texas, can take a dental X-ray of your mouth to determine if your wisdom teeth have erupted, how many wisdom teeth have erupted, and how the wisdom teeth aligned after they erupted. In addition, the dental X-ray shows if the emergence of wisdom teeth altered the overall alignment of your teeth and jaw line. Although your wisdom teeth are functional, the results of the X-ray may indicate your wisdom teeth require extraction to avoid future dental problems.

When to Extract Wisdom Teeth

All of your molars function to aid in the chewing and the grinding of your food as you eat; nevertheless, sometimes, if your wisdom teeth come in crooked, they can cause dental problems later, such as

  • The overcrowding of your teeth
  • The damaging of your jawbone
  • The damaging of your surrounding nerves

These dental problems warrant the possible extraction of your wisdom teeth. Another reason it may be necessary to extract your wisdom teeth is that the teeth are impacted. Impaction occurs when the wisdom teeth do not erupt totally from your soft tissue or your jawbone. Moreover, a partial eruption of your molars warrants extraction because, if the molars stay in your mouth, you may develop conditions that create infections that result in tooth pain, jaw pain, swelling, and overall poor dental health.

Your age is a factor in determining when to have your wisdom teeth removed. When you are younger, your molar extraction requires less recovery time because the root of your molar has not developed completely and your bone still has malleability. When you are older, molar extraction appears to be more difficult because the roots of your wisdom teeth have solidified to the bone, which leads to a longer recovery period.

Let Advanced Dental Care know if you are nervous about the extraction process. Dr. Koch or one of his friendly dental team members will discuss with you the options available to eliminate any concerns you have regarding your wisdom teeth and their extraction. In more advanced cases, Dr. Koch may recommend an oral surgeon.

Advanced Dental Care recommends the removal of your wisdom teeth when your dental check up indicates possible future dental problems will occur if they remain. In most instances, you return to our office at another scheduled time for the extraction.

Because the extraction procedure is more invasive in that it requires the removal of the molar from its socket, Dr. Koch provides oral sedation to ensure your comfort. Then, with the appropriate tools, he gently expands the socket to reach the ligament that attaches the molar to the jawbone. Next, Dr. Koch extracts the wisdom tooth or teeth. You will receive instructions for at-home care before you leave the office. In some cases, after the extraction, your remaining teeth shift because of the new space created by the extraction. Advanced Dental Care of Jasper, Texas, will discuss the options you have if you experience problems from their movement.