Oral Cancer Screenings in Jasper, TX

Get Early Detection of a Preventable Cancer

Oral cancer ranks as one of the more preventable cancers. See Advanced Dental Care in Jasper Texas  for an Oral Cancer Exam.

Really? An Oral Cancer Exam?

Surprisingly, the American Dental Association states that dentist diagnose thousands of Americans each year with oral cancer. Oral cancer, ranked as one of the more preventative cancers, is located in the mouth and sometimes throat area. In case studies, tobacco use and alcohol use, or both, increase chances of developing oral cancer. To limit or to eliminate the intake of these two products greatly reduces the risk of developing oral cancer.

What are the Signs of Oral Cancer?

Following are typical signs of oral cancer; however, just because you experience any of the following oral discomforts, you should not immediately think you have oral cancer. You may just be experiencing another dental issue. Nevertheless, if you experience any of the mentioned oral discomforts, immediately call Advanced Dental Care for a dental exam.

  • A part of your oral cavity develops a sore that continuously bleeds and does not heal properly
  • A part of your oral cavity senses either numbness or painfulness
  • A part of your oral cavity develops a hard spot or lump
  • A part of your oral cavity develops rough or crusty tissue

In addition, you will want to notice changes in the alignment of your upper and lower teeth because this, too, could be an indicator of oral cancer.

When you provide timely detection of the signs of oral cancer and schedule a timely oral cancer exam, you allow Advanced Dental Care to make proper recommendations as to the appropriate treatment for you.

An Oral Cancer Exam at Advanced Dental Care

Throughout your complete dental exam at Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Koch or his hygienist looks for indicators of oral cancer. Your oral cavity entails your lips, the lining of your cheeks, the front of your tongue, beneath your tongue, and the roof of your mouth, while your throat area includes the soft tissue at the back of the roof of your mouth, the back of your tongue, and the tissue connecting the tongue to the base of your mouth. The Advanced Dental Care staff checks these areas thoroughly for any signs of change or abnormalities as part of your oral cancer exam.

First, Dr. Koch or his hygienist examine your face, neck, lips, and mouth for signs of cancer. Next, he or she will feel the area under your jaw and along the sides of your neck to check for lumps or harden spots. Finally, he or she checks the insides of your cheeks and lips, as well as your tongue and the roof and floor of your mouth for any abnormalities.

You experience no pain during the oral cancer exam, which Advanced Dental Care usually conducts as part of your regular dental exam.