Dental Check-Ups in Jasper, TX

Not Just For Kids

See Advanced Dental Care twice a year for your regular dental check ups. Maintaining good oral practices will provide you with a lifetime of smiles.

Is a Dental Check Up That Important?

Just like your routine medical check up, a regular dental check up is just as important. A regular dental check up maintains good, defensive dental care and protects your oral health and general well-being. By scheduling a regular dental exam, you allow Advanced Dental Care the opportunity to offer guidelines on caring for your teeth and the opportunity to detect any problems or looming problems. Dental problems are most treatable in their early stages; therefore, Advanced Dental Care recommends you schedule and keep your dental check up. It really is that important!

Is a Dental Check Up Once a Year Sufficient?

Based on the recommendation by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, good preventative dental care requires adults to schedule dental exams every six months; however, Advanced Dental Care may recommend you schedule more dental check ups, depending on your individual dental needs. Please note that even if you are a denture wearer or no longer have your natural teeth, it is still very important to schedule regular dental exams to maintain good oral health.

Dental Check Ups with Advanced Dental Care

Your first step in preventive dental care is to schedule regular dental check ups. Once you are at the office, the process for your dental check up begins by Dr. Koch or one of his hygienists to clean your teeth. Next, they will thoroughly check for any gum inflammation or bone loss. During your dental check up, they also evaluate your risk for developing tooth decay and any other underlying oral health problems. You may find it odd they examine your face, neck, but they are looking for any abnormalities in structure. Most times, a dental check up includes dental X-rays or additional diagnostic procedures based on the preliminary check up.

You should not be surprised if Advanced Dental Care asks about your diet and oral hygiene routines. Sometimes your habits unknowingly contribute to poor oral health. They may also want to demonstrate for you proper brushing and flossing techniques. Sometimes your hectic schedule may prevent adequate preventative measures. Dr. Koch may also discuss with you other topics during your dental exam including

In addition to Dr. Koch asking you questions about your dental routines, your dental exam allows you the chance to pose questions about oral health care to him or with your Advanced Dental Care team member. You also have the opportunity during your dental exam to express your dental health care concerns. For instance, if you suffer from dental anxiety or dental fears, ask Advanced Dental Care about sedation dentistry for your dental check up. By using sedation dentistry, Dr. Koch lessens your anxieties or dental fears, and your dental check up becomes a routine, pleasant experience.

Preparing For Your Dental Check Up with Advanced Dental Care

We hope you choose Advanced Dental Care when you schedule your dental exam. It is an easy process. First, call to make an appointment to visit our office and talk to our friendly staff. Second, we highly recommend you interview us to be your new dental care family. During the interview process, you want to determine if your health plans lists us as a provider. Third, you want to make sure you understand our fees and payment options and discuss any billing questions or concerns you might have.

In addition to providing optimum dental care to you, Advanced Dental Care wants to make you as relaxed as possible during your dental exam. You should not feel anxious about having your dental exam. By sharing your concerns with Dr. Koch or your hygienist, they can determine what adjustments to your treatment may help you feel less anxious. Advanced Dental Care main concern is to provide compassionate yet comprehensive dental care. Our dental team is highly trained in sedation dentistry. They know how to make your dental check up a comfortable and anxiety-free experience.

During Your Dental Check Up

During your dental check up, Advanced Dental Care uses a dental exam checklist. Their goal is to determine your overall oral health; therefore, they

  • Evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene
  • Evaluate your risk of tooth decay, root decay, and gum or bone disease
  • Evaluate your need for tooth restoration using fillings or crowns, or tooth replacement using dentures or dental implants, if needed.
  • Check your bite and jaw alignment for problems
  • Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques for your teeth or dentures
  • Assess how much fluoride you are getting through your diet and use of oral hygiene products
  • Take oral X-rays or performs other diagnostic procedures

During your dental exam, Dr. Koch or his hygienist may discuss with you any medical health issues you have. They may also inquire about the medications you take, if any, and discuss how those medications may affect your oral health and ongoing dental care. For instance, if you are a diabetic, you are at increased risk for gum disease. Certain medications you may take, including antihistamines, antidepressants and high blood pressure drugs, might cause you to have dry mouth, which creates a high risk for tooth decay. If you suffer from arthritis and have limited mobility, the staff at Advanced Dental Care can show you how to make brushing and flossing easier. One easier technique for brushing is to insert the handle of your toothbrush into a rubber ball, or our dental team may suggest the use of an electric toothbrush when your mobility extremely limited.

If you have dentures, we will determine if your dentures still fit adequately. If not, we will make the necessary adjustments, providing a secure and comfortable fit.

Because we at Advanced Dental Care want to provide you with optimum overall dental care, we may also advise you on oral health risks associated with smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol abuse, dietary choices, eating disorders, oral piercings, and not wearing a mouth guard during contact sports. As part of our dental family, we want to help you know the preventive measures you can take to avoid serious dental problems.

Why Oral X-Rays?

With oral X-rays, Advanced Dental Care can see detailed images of specific sections of your mouth. After the X-ray technician takes the pictures, he or she sends the images to a computer, allowing Dr. Koch or his dental team member to view them on a screen. By using new digital X-rays, Dr. Koch provides a safer environment for you and works with technology that provides better details of your mouth and its overall structure. He or his hygienist displays your X-rays on a monitor in your room for you to see, and together you can determine a course of action and determine how to proceed with additional treatments, if needed. Types of oral X-rays include:

  • Bitewing – Dr. Koch can see the crowns of the upper and lower teeth. During a bitewing X-ray, the X-ray technician will ask you bite down on the X-ray film holder while he or she takes the X-ray images.
  • Periapical – Dr. Koch can see the tip of the root of your teeth.
  • Occlusal – Dr. Koch can see the alignment of your upper teeth and corresponding lower teeth when your jaw is closed.
  • Panoramic – Dr. Koch can see a comprehensive view of your entire mouth.

Typically, you will not require X-rays at every dental check up.

Why Dental Impressions?

Sometimes, during your dental check up, Advanced Dental Care may take a dental impression of one or both of your jaws to produce a model of your teeth and oral tissue. Dr. Koch or his hygienist evaluates your bite based on the impression. They also use your dental impression to make mouth guards if you play sports or bleaching trays if you want to whiten your teeth.

Making an impression is an invasive procedure. Dr. Koch or his hygienist fills a U-shaped tray with a soft, putty-like substance and places it over your upper or lower teeth. After a few minutes, he or she removes the trays and uses them to create a dental cast of your mouth. It may also be necessary for them to ask you to bite down on a soft material to record and evaluate your bite alignment.

Your Dental Exam Outcomes from Advanced Dental Care

After the completion of your dental exam, either Dr. Koch or his hygienist takes the time to discuss with you your overall oral health. This discussion includes your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and any other oral health problems you might be experiencing. The discussion also entails the preventive measures you can take to improve dental care and protect your oral health. During the conference, they recommend the best time to return for a follow-up visit, which typically is every six months; however, if you are at high risk of tooth decay, gum disease, or have other oral health problems, they may recommend dental check ups at an increased frequency. Advanced Dental Care takes extreme measures to make your dental check up as comfortable for you as possible, still providing for your optimum health care.