Mini Dental Implants in Beaumont, TX

The Size Of A Toothpick

Used to replace a tooth or to stabilize a denture, dental mini implants can be used when there is not enough natural bone for traditional dental implants.

True to their name, mini dental implants are smaller than traditional dental implants. In fact, their circumference is similar to that of a toothpick. Even though mini dental implants mimic regular dental implants, they cost a lesser amount money, cause a lesser amount of pain, and require a lesser amount of healing time.

The Function of Mini Implants

The main function of mini dental implants is to secure denturesMini implants clip into the dentures with special attachments that prevent the dentures from slipping or irritating the gums. By stabilizing the dentures, mini dental implants can improve chewing and speaking ability.

Dr. Koch of Advanced Dental Care, in Jasper, Texas, is a mini implant dentist. Because mini dental implants are less expensive, involve less pain, and reduce healing time, Dr, Koch may not only suggest mini implants to stabilize dentures, but also to support a crown for smaller, narrower places in your mouth where traditional dental implants are too bulky.

The Benefits of Mini Implants

If broken, damaged, or missing teeth are keeping you from smiling, mini dental implants might be your solution. The Food and Drug Administration has approved mini dental implants as a long-term method of denture stabilization and tooth implantation. They are a popular answer for dental concerns. Listed below are the benefits of choosing mini dental implants.

  • Size – Because mini implants are smaller than traditional dental implants, mini implants make it easier for Dr. Koch to replace as little as a single tooth or teeth, and the tooth or teeth replacement is quick and easy. Additionally, the size of the mini dental implant reduces the need for bone grafts, making the procedure less invasive.
  • Time – Because mini implants are minimally invasive, most times Dr. Koch can instantly top them with a crown or denture, requiring you to visit our office only one time. The traditional dental implants take months to complete. Mini dental implants allow for immediate loading. This allows you to walk out of Advanced Dental Care on the day of your procedure with an implant that is not only stable, but also is ready for immediate use.
  • Pain – Because mini dental implants require a less invasive treatment, the procedure causes little discomfort or pain.
  • Anesthetic – Because the mini dental implant procedure is less involved than traditional dental implants, Dr. Koch uses less anesthetic.
  • Versatile – Because of their size, Advanced Dental Care uses mini dental implants for more than just implant purposes. Of course, the main function of mini implants is to provide support for long-term dental prosthetics; however, they also aid in other dental procedures: dentures and crowns.
  • Affordable – Because mini dental implants are less expensive than traditional implants, Dr. Koch will use them whenever your dental treatments allow.

Are Mini Dental Implants for Me?

If you have insufficient bone structure to warrant traditional dental implants, Dr. Koch will recommend mini dental implants. To determine if mini implants are for you, call to schedule a consultation at Advanced Dental Care. As a diligent mini dental implant dentist, Dr. Koch constantly updates his knowledge and skills to help determine your optimal dental solutions. Who knows? Yours just might be mini dental implants!