Clear Correct

For Straighter Teeth, The Solution Is Clear

A modern approach to straightening teeth, ClearCorrect® and Smile Tru® invisible plastic aligners gradually shift teeth into place.

Straighten Your Teeth with Clear, Invisible Braces

No longer does the term “metal mouth” need to apply to a patient electing to straighten his or her teeth to create a winning smile. It used to be that wearing braces was a traumatic experience comprised of wires and metal and embarrassment. Today, researchers and new developments make it possible to straighten teeth with no visible detection of the appliance and with no embarrassment. When your dental health requires braces for either structural or cosmetic circumstances, you now have the option to select clear, invisible braces.

Dr. Eric Koch of Advanced Dental Care, in Jasper, Texas, offers two types of clear, invisible braces: ClearCorrect and Smile Tru.

ClearCorrect Clear, Invisible Braces for Adults and Teenagers

At Advanced Dental Care, we want your dental treatments to be easy and successful. ClearCorrect offers a new solution to the old wires and metal braces – a way to straighten teeth by the use of custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners. The ClearCorrect system corrects teeth if they are too crowded, too far apart, or too crooked.

How do ClearCorrect Clear, Invisible Braces Work?

Once you know ClearCorrect is the right treatment for you, Dr. Koch or his dental hygienists makes an impression of your teeth, takes photos, and determines a treatment plan suited for you. Next, the office submits your information to ClearCorrect, whose 3-D computer technology creates your sets of customized aligners. Initially, you will receive a Phase Zero set of aligners to get you immediately accustomed to wearing them. Meanwhile, the lab continues to manufacturer your custom–made aligners, creating aligners to shift your teeth to perfection. By wearing each set of the aligners over a two-week period, your teeth move gradually producing a straighter set of teeth. Throughout your treatment, you can take out the aligners and eat, brush, and floss as you generally would.

Smile Tru Clear, Invisible Braces for Adults and Teenagers

Another option for clear, invisible braces, offered by Advanced Dental Care, is Smile Tru. Smile Tru is a clear, invisible sequential positioner system that excels in comfort and convenience when compared to conventional braces. Smile Tru features the added advantage of various levels of implementation depending on how crowded, how far apart, or how crooked your teeth are. Their product line accommodates various dental situations, allowing Dr. Koch to successfully treat more patients with clear, invisible braces.

How do Smile Tru Clear, Clear, Invisible Braces Work?

The process for Smile Tru clear, invisible braces requires Dr. Koch or his hygienist to make an impression of your mouth. The impression, along with your treatment specifications are then sent to the laboratory for fabrication. Smile Tru offers a three-month treatment program for fabrication or you can elect to have a complete set of aligners fabricated at the beginning of your treatment. The choice is yours!

How Long Will I wear Smile Tru or ClearCorrect Clear, Invisible Braces?

You want to wear your clear, invisible braces full-time – day and night. The aligners only work when you wear them. Remember, Dr. Koch created a treatment plan specifically for you based on your individual dental requirements. The plan determines the number of clear braces sets you need and how long you need to wear them; nevertheless, most treatments produce desired results in 12 months or less.

How Will I Decide Between ClearCorrect or Smile Tru?

Dr. Koch will help you decide between Smile Tru and ClearCorrect. Both brands offer optimum solutions for teeth straightening, as compared to metal braces; however, the success of both brands is contingent on the wearing and maintaining of the clear, invisible braces. You are in charge of the success of your dental treatment. You are in charge of your smile; take charge today, and ask Dr. Koch about ClearCorrect or Smile Tru.