Denture Repair in Jasper, TX

Accidents Do Happen

Even though you may not be accident prone, normal wear and tear of your dentures may warrant denture repair.

Denture Repair? Really?

As with any other manufactured product, normal wear and use of your full or partial dentures may require Dr. Koch to repair the device. In your initial consultation at Advanced Dental Care in Jasper, Texas, to choose dentures for your tooth or teeth replacements, you were educated on the durability of dentures as a viable, replacement option. Perhaps, one of the selling points in your selection of dentures was the fact that they require little maintenance, and if that is the case, then you are correct in questioning denture repair. Really.

At your final denture fitting, Dr. Koch or one of Advanced Dental Care’s well-trained staff stressed the importance of brushing your tongue and gums with a soft-bristled brush daily to promote continuous dental health – using dental care basics as if your dentures are your natural teeth. Also stressed was the importance of continuing your regular dental check ups with our office. Your regular dental exams allow Dr. Koch to evaluate whether your dentures have maintained a proper fit or whether your current dental health warrants denture repair or replacement. He can determine if he needs to reline, rebase, or remake your dentures. Although you have properly maintained your full or partial dentures with dental care basics, denture repair is a normal occurrence over time.

Really? Denture repair, you ask, again. Yes, really. In addition to denture repair caused by normal wear and use, accidents happen. Surprisingly, accidents are the biggest reason for denture repair. An unexpected phone ring startles you while you are brushing your false teeth, and you drop the dentures into your porcelain sink: crack. A child is eager to wake you in the morning by jumping onto your bed and knocks the container off the nightstand you keep your dentures in overnight onto the floor: break. Well, you see the endless scenarios.

Aside from reasons such as normal wear, use, and accidents, a final reason you might want to consider a denture repair is your aging process. As a living organism, your body constantly changes over time, and with its constant changes, the structure of your mouth changes, as well. The ripple effect of the change to your mouth is a change in the alignment of your jaws. Dr. Koch’s first course of action would be simply to adjust your full or partial dentures to accommodate the changes in your mouth; however, sometimes, when the changes are so great that your current dentures jeopardize your overall dental health, he may recommend new dentures.

Commercials Indicate I can Perform My Own Denture Repair

Yes, various companies advertise denture repair kits constantly and the ease of repairing your dentures at home, but as sometimes seen in other advertisements, “Please do not try this at home.” Dr. Koch and his staff have hours of training and experience in denture repair. When you attempt at-home repair of your dentures, you increase the chances of making ill-fitting full or partial dentures that do not adequately accommodate the structure of your mouth. An ill-fitting denture can produce greater damage to your mouth leading to greater potential dental health issues in the future. Dr. Koch understands that dental repair kits are convenient and easy to use, but he also knows they are only a short-term, quick fix for your denture repair.

Denture Repair at Advanced Dental Care

Regardless of why you need a denture repair, Advanced Dental Care is always ready to accommodate your dental needs, and we want to protect your financial investment: your smile. We can preserve your smile by properly taking care of your denture repairs in our office in Jasper, Texas.