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Dental Toothache Relief in Beaumont, TX



If left untreated, cavities and tooth decay will lead to toothaches and possibly root canals.


When you experience an odontalgia, you have a toothache. As the term suggests, a toothache means you are experiencing pain from your tooth or the area surrounding your tooth or your jaw line area. Normally, your tooth pain stems predominantly from one or more of the dental conditions listed here.

However, sometimes, a toothache begins from the jaw joint.

Surprisingly, other medical conditions can cause tooth pain such as, a heart attack, an ear infection, or a sinus infection. Normally with a heart attack, the victim experiences pain down the left arm or in the chest area. In atypical instances, a toothache or jaw pain will indicate restricted blood flow to the heart muscle. Ear and sinus infections can spread into the tissues of the mouth and jaw, and because of their closeness to the teeth and jaw areas, imitate the tooth pain associated with a dental condition.

As soon as you begin to experience a toothache, you will want to call Advanced Dental Care of Jasper, Texas, to schedule a dental appointment. The way to determine the cause of your toothache involves Dr. Koch or his hygienist taking a dental X-ray of the area where you are experiencing pain. When they determine the source of your tooth pain, they can recommend the restorative treatment to eliminate your toothache.


Your regular dental check up prevents and fights against cavities and tooth decay; however, if you have a toothache or you experience tooth pain, you probably have developed a cavity, and when symptoms are already present, you must know the damage to your teeth is getting worse. Visit us at Advanced Dental Care as soon as possible.

In addition to experiencing pain, you should also contact us if you develop any of these signs or symptoms:

  • Your gums are swollen, red, and tender
  • Your gums bleed
  • Your gums recede making your teeth appear longer
  • Your mouth has a bad taste that lingers
  • Your breath is bad with no explanation
  • Your teeth are loose
  • Your teeth are out of alignment
  • Your teeth that are sensitive to sweet, hot, or cold foods or beverages
  • Your brushing or cleaning your teeth causes pain in certain teeth or mouth areas
  • Your biting down or chewing of food causes intensified pain

If Dr. Koch can treat your cavity before you experience intense pain or develop any of the symptoms listed above, you may eliminate the need for extensive treatment.

Again, by scheduling a regular dental check up and dental cleaning, even when your mouth feels fine, and by practicing good dental care habits, you are taking preventive measures towards achieving your optimum dental care.

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