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Here's What to Expect in The Days After You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are our third molars that don’t erupt through the gums until later in life. The problem is that most of our jaws don’t have room for these extra teeth. That can cause problems as they emerge — like impaction or crowding in your jaw that misaligns your other teeth.

As a result, many people have their wisdom teeth removed. Fortunately, that only requires minor surgery, and Eric R. Koch, DDS, can perform it right here at Advanced Dental Care of East Texas in Jasper, Texas. In fact, getting your wisdom teeth out is nothing you should fear. 

In this article, our team explains what you should expect in the days after you get your wisdom teeth removed. 

In the first few days

You’ll go home from wisdom tooth removal on the same day as your procedure. Plan to take it easy for a few days afterward.

Dr. Koch sends you home with a care plan and medication to keep you comfortable. 

Be diligent about following our instructions to keep the treatment area clean. Doing so helps you avoid infection, which will only slow your recovery process and could make you more uncomfortable. 

Also, take your medication on schedule. You might want to apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel to your face periodically, too. That will reduce any pain and swelling. 

Plan to eat soft foods, like:


Essentially, don’t do anything that could slow your healing process or dislodge the blood clots at your surgery site. 

Try to rest in the first three days after your wisdom tooth extraction. It is the perfect time to binge-watch a new show or dive into a book you’ve been wanting to read. 

In the first two weeks

Most people go back to work or school within a few days of their wisdom tooth surgery. That doesn’t mean you’ll be completely symptom-free, though. You may still have some mild:

These symptoms won’t last forever. You should be fully healed by two weeks after your surgery. 

Getting your wisdom teeth out doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially when you know what to expect during and afterward. To talk with Dr. Koch and our friendly team about the process, call our office or book your visit online today. We are the region’s top wisdom teeth removal specialists.

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