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Creating beautiful smiles in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, Dr. Eric Koch and his talented team can complete ALL phases of dentistry, saving you time and money.

The city of Jasper, Texas, has several dental practices, so why should you choose Advanced Dental Care? What makes Dr. Eric Koch and his dental team stand out from other Jasper dentists? Dr. Koch’s philosophy towards dental care answers the why and what!

Only the rare individual enjoys going to the dentist. Most often, a visit to the dentist’s office stems from being in pain. For example, a tooth breaks off exposing the root of the tooth, creating an unbearable sensitivity. Perhaps, periodontal disease has compromised the gum area surrounding a tooth causing discomfort. When an individual visits the dentist based on pain in place, the treatment is reactive; however, reactive treatment itself comes with problems. Reactive treatment does not address the root cause of the current ailment. Reactive treatment is like filling a pothole and not paving the whole street. Usually, an underlying deterioration of the asphalt creates the pothole. While a quick patch remedies the current pothole, conditions have not been corrected to prevent more in the future. Such is the case with a quick dental repair. Pain is eliminated by a filling or root canal; yet, the underlying dental problem has not been corrected.

At Advanced Dental Care, during your initial visit, we take the time to listen to you – the patient. You, better than anyone else, know when health issues lurk. Dr. Koch’s philosophy connects the mouth with the body as one system working together in harmony. Remember the pothole? Failing to pave the whole street? Dr. Koch has learned that failing to consider the whole body – not just the mouth – when treating dental issues makes for a failed system and possibly gives way to future tooth pain or even tooth loss.

Advanced Dental Care practices the PROactive approach. Many dental problems, such as cavities, periodontal disease, TMJ, or tooth pain, result from system failure or poor habits. A PROactive approach considers your overall health, looking for specific reasons you have developed dental issues. Once determined, not only can Dr. Koch provide your needed REactive treatment, but he can also recommend a PROactive plan to prevent future problems. Your PROactive plan may look similar to the following dental health plan:

  • First, the reactive treatment – Dr. Koch provides the necessary treatment to eliminate your immediate pain or dental issue.
  • Second, the PROactive treatment – correcting dental issues such as weak, broken, or missing teeth. During this phase of the plan, Dr. Koch will look for systems and influences that contribute to any cycle of dental deterioration. For instance, diet plays a huge role in your body’s health. If you grind your teeth, if you take medications, if you have poor sleep habits, if you have poor posture, if you have constant headaches, your body is working against itself, preventing a natural repair cycle. PROactive dental treatment addresses your body as a whole to achieve optimum dental health.
  • Third, optional treatment – once Dr. Koch has corrected the underlying issues of your dental problems, you may want to consider other treatments to enhance your smile. After all, your smile is your first impression maker. Shouldn’t it be natural and beautiful?

Dr. Eric Koch and his dental team at Advanced Dental Care provide excellent care for their patients in Jasper, Texas. If you have dental fears, they also provide sedation dentistry. When you have dental pain, consider them for your Reactive and PROactive dental needs.

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Advanced Dental Care is committed to providing exceptional dental services for your entire family. Being a complete dentist office, able to perform all phases of dentistry, saving you time and money!saving you time and money!from dental cleanings and check ups to implants and oral appliance therapy, we will save you time and money!